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Selasa, 20 Maret 2012

About Fluorescent Lighting

Fluorescent lighting is a popular and efficient lighting system used worldwide. Fluorescent lighting is most commonly found in commercial facilities, partly because traditional fluorescent lighting systems are more complex and physically larger than the simple incandescent lamp and socket, and historically, fluorescent lighting tended to only be available in "colder" colors of light than the accepted "warm" color produced by incandescent lighting. The non-warm colors produced by most fluorescent lighting systems seemed inappropriate for some applications.
However, recent technological improvements have produced "warmer" lamp colors, smaller fluorescent lighting systems, and with growing concern over energy costs, there has been a renewed interest in using fluorescent lighting in residential locations.
The initial cost of Fluorescent lighting systems is another barrier to wider use, although this is short-sighted thinking. Fluorescent lamps and fixtures are definitely more expensive to install than incandescent lighting, but they are considerably cheaper to operate and the lamps last far longer than incandescent lamps, making the long term cost-of-operation for fluorescent lighting far less than incandescent lighting.
These documents describe how fluorescent lighting systems work and how to select the best brightness, energy efficiency, color, and size that various fluorescent lighting systems provide